Sunday, January 30, 2011

It should give us hope

Last night Susan and Stewart hosted a “Robert Burns Supper.” It was a delightful evening of delicious food (haggis, tatties, neeps roasted vegetables & fish pie) and wonderful company. At a certain point in the evening there was the recitation of poetry (mostly Burns’). It was really a wonderful experience to listen to poetry.

At the end of the evening, Stewart mentioned that while Robert Burns was much beloved as a poet, he had a difficult time making a living from it (he had some 14 children) that he considered going to Jamaica, which would mean being involved in the slave trade. He went on stating that Burns is reviled for considering this.

I responded, “That is so facile. It is easy to judge the man from this point in time. Why don’t we determine what is immoral in our times and judge ourselves according to that standard.”

“Yes,” Susan chimed in, “we want our heroes to be perfect.”

We want our heroes to be blameless. We want to believe that Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy never had affairs. Rather those details should give us hope that we, with all our failings and sinfulness, can rise to the heroic standards as they did.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shalimar Mission

© Hector Lee, 2011

My godson graduates from Brown this May; he is learning to fly. Happy Birthday Francis!

Here he’s using his magic wand—Hogwarts learning.

His nino doesn't do so well.

Check out Daniel Gordon's website, especially his flying pictures:

© Daniel Gordon

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kara

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Para todos los Sebastianes y locos que sea entregan totalmente a conquistar su amor aunque se ilusionario. Para eso fuimos creados: para amar y ser amados.


En cada barrio hay, por lo menos, un loco.

El del nuestro se llamaba "Sebastián".

Lavaba carros y hacía de todo un poco,

Para ganarse el pan.

"Sebastian" tenía una novia imaginaria,

Y con ella discutía sin cesar.

Se ataba al cuello una capa hecha de trapos

Y corriendo por las calles lo escuchábamos gritar:

"Sebastian, si me quieres conquistar,

Sólo las estrellas bastarán;

Sólo las estrellas bastarán".

En cada loco hay, por lo menos, un sueño.

Ser amado era el ideal de "Sebastian"

Con papel, lata, cartón y mucho empeño

Comenzó su plan.

Por amor alucinando, implacable,

Fue creando la más grande super nave espacial,

Para irse con su novia,

"De nuestro barrio de mierda hacia el mundo sideral".

En cada sueño hay, por lo menos, un drama,

Y en angustias se enredaba "Sebastian".

Una noche, cuando con el cielo hablaba,

Sobre el horizonte vio una luz cruzar.

Feliz gritó, - "espérame" -

Y lo vi correr lanzándose en el mar,

Tratando aquel destello recobrar,

Porque "Sólo las estrellas bastarán;

Sólo las estrellas bastarán!"

Sobre la arena sucia de la playa del mercado

Hay una vaina que parece un proyectil.

De sus alas cuelga una capa de trapos;

De su sombra, una soledad sin fin.

Su novia imaginaria aún lo espera.

En las noches hace guardia, frente al mar.

Nadie la conquistará.

A ninguna otra ilusión se entregará,

Fiel al loco que le dió la Eternidad,

Porque sólo las estrellas bastarán.

Sólo las estrellas bastarán:

Sólo las estrellas bastarán!

More lyrics:

All about Ruben Blades:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sparking creativity

© Hector Lee, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paloma. The first thing to making something happen is imagining it.

The birthday girl.

Mariah, Robert, Kara, Francis, Kirsten, & Paloma

Barnacles at Point Reyes.

Kirsten & Francis

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

be quiet with ourselves

© Hector Lee, 2010

Happy Bday Johnny O! Hope NYC is treating you well!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Skies

January in San Francisco is glorious if it is not raining. It is usually not foggy in January. While it may be cold, if the sun is out, it makes for a beautiful day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Now Playing

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Happy Birthday Sara!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye Sweaters

When I was traveling in Cuzco, I bought a bright colorful alpaca sweater. It turned out to be a blessing as the material is light, warm and somewhat waterproof. I am allergic to wool but was surprised that I didn’t react to alpaca.

I decided to wear it to school. By midmorning, I was miserably sneezing that I had to take an antihistamine, which caused me to be dopey for the rest of the day. The sad part of this is the realization that I cannot wear wool or alpaca, give me synthetic sweaters! And I have so many wool sweaters that I am resigned to give away—gifts., beautiful gifts, from family and friends. But what is the point of having them if I cannot wear them? Goodbye Sweaters.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Y-co & Efraín's Wedding Pix Dec 31, 2010

Thanks to my brother Eddie, for most of these photos.