Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lima, Peru

April 30, 2009—Lima, Peru

  • 12:00 am depart MIA
  • 4:35 am arrive Lima, Peru
  • Hostel
  • Cathedral
  • Palacio Govermental
  • Convento de San Francisco & Catacumbas
  • Sto Domingo convento
  • Dinner: Choza Nautica: cebiche!
  • Walk


I arrived in Lima, Peru at 5:00 am. The hostel master was kind enough to let me into my room to sleep a bit. Lima feels like Latin America. It could be the indigenous blood that is evident in the faces of the people. I find the Limeños kind, generous, quiet and very patient.


These are the tombs of St. Martin de Porres and St. Rosa de Lima, two beloved Dominican saints.

On my day of arrival, I had some Peruvian ceviche—bite size chunks of seafood served yucca and yam and accompanied by a beer and a pisco sour.

Peruvian terms

playa—estacionamiento (parking lot)

jirón—calle (street)

choclo—maíz (corn)

mote—granos de maíz (corn kernels)

palta—aguacate (avocado)

recoto—chile (chile)


Travel Dream

I had a strange experience: I was dreaming that I was looking at my watch: 6:51. But knowing that it was a dream I woke and found that it was actually 6:51. Weird. And here I am writing about it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off again

April 29, 2009

  • 1:05 pm depart SFO
  • 8:55 pm arrive MIA

On the Road Again.

In mid March, I was deliberating whether I should take another trip after my Argentina-Brazil trip. I would have completed my sabbatical obligation with that trip, but should I take advantage of the time off to continue traveling? I still had frequent flier miles I could use to get another flight. I decided that I would not have the luxury of time off again and if I didn’t take it now, I probably would not take advantage of this later. So I booked my flight to Lima, Peru. I certainly felt much better this time than back in March—I also had more time to recuperate and prepare for this trip.